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Burn it out Lyrics



Burn it out Song Lyrics

Burn it out by Arsonists

[Bridge: Swel Boogie]
Not it's about that time
It's time to wild out, it's time to wild out
Nigga is you out your mine?
Comin' up in my house, runnin' up in my house
I'm about to stop and go
and if you want beef, come on, we knockin' out teeth
I'm about to drop my flow
and if you want beef, come on, we knockin' out teeth

[Verse One: Swel Boogie]
Arsonists' next sh*t, ya gots to accept it
Wannabes get hit and get thrown out the exit
with a kick in the ass, rugged Timberland boots
In this game you won't last, you ask veteran troops
They got stories to tell, the battle legends of Swel
Climbin' to the top, never made it and FELLLL
Oh well, not a happy ending, what you was expectin'?
Every man for themself so it's my own that I'm protectin'
"Get lost bro!" the boss told, you, if you cross roads
you end up at the +crossroad+ with Bone Thugs
You bone thugs heard you flame on
That's the closest you gettin' to fire just to stay warm
Hot shot but not so hot, ayo Money, (this is me) and you ain't claimin' no spots
I'm holdin' it down and I know exactly what to give 'em
Dope beats, dope rhymes, dope cuts and dope rhythm

[Chorus 2x: Swel Boogie]
Now when you put us in your system, we goin' burn it out
Now when we get up on the stage, we goin' turn it out
Now what we want y'all to do is just scream and shout
First you scream "WHAT!", the you shout "PYRO!"

[Verse Two: Swel Boogie]
I ain't tryin' to hear the third that and this, catchin' fits
Shakin' breakin' backs-n-ribs, now choose one, smack or fist
You soft, snap your wrist (Swel you fool), nah understand I'm amped and
So place your bets 'cause them garbage kids ain't passin' me
And I don't make threats or promises, I'm guaranteed
or your album's back and watch my styles attack
I got new friends, some of the old pals was wack
They didn't know how to act, they sayin' sh*t that's uncalled for
And gettin' gased up, knocked and opened the wrong door
Unlike my crew and I on top bookin' them strong tours
You underhand sort of like pitchin' them softballs
Get outta here with your baby league and watch me blaze the beat
My sense of reflex is at a crazy speed, even fast for light time
Blast raw of them hype rhymes
cause these short 16 bars will last more than a lifetime

(Chorus 2x)

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