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Apologetix Lyrics

Song Lyrics

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Album: Wordplay (2006)

Album: New And Used Hits (2004)

Album: Adam Up (2003)

Album: Keep The Change (2001)

Album: Jesus Christ Morningstar (1998)

Album: Chosen Ones

Album: Future Tense

Album: Other Songs

(don't fear) the people
All Apologetix
All The Stalls Stink
Are You Gonna Be Ike's Girl
Armageddon Valley Someday
Armageddon valley someday (pleasant valley sunday
Baa! We're Lambs
Back In The New Testament
Be Bold Jeremiah
Bends To Low Places
Bethelehemian Rhapsody
Bethlehemian rhapsody
Bible In Hand
Bone Digger
Born above
Boy tell the world (joy to the world -three dog ni
Can't Eat Enough
Casket Place
Cheap Birds
Christians Doin' Music
Come Out And Pray
Cornelius (Cecilia - Simon And Garfunkel)
Counting Blessings
Crowd Of Foreign Girls
Devil Went Down To Jordan
Died And Rose
Don't Be Fooled
Downer Of A Sister
Downer of a sister (chop suey -system of a down)
Drops Of Lucifer
Enemy Lines
Enter Samson
Every Crown Has It's Thorns
Every crown has thorns
Every Step To Take
Fakey Shaky Parts
Flurry - blurry
Fly Away From Hell
Follow Me
Get A Bite
Get Found Tonight
Get found tonight (get down tonight -k.c. and the
Good Guys Bad Guys
Good guys, bad guys (good times, bad times)
He Really Got Mad
Heaven Isn't Like That
Hey Zacchaeus
Hotel can't afford ya
How You Rewind Me
How you rewing me
I Found The Answer There
I Love Apostle Paul
I Made The Team
I Want In That Place
I'll Prepare For You
I'm A Receiver
I've Got Elijah Fightin' Baal
Ignorant Song
It's not eden
It's Tough
Jail Got Rocked
John 1:1
Kick In The Wall
La Bible
Lazy Brain
Lazy brain (crazy train -ozzy osbourne)
Lemonade (renegade -styx)
Life In The Last Days
Life Restored
Lightning Flashes
Livin' what jesus spoke of
Look yourself
Look yourself (lose yourself -eminem)
Lose yourself
Lost And Found
Love The Jews
Love the jews (love me do -the beatles)
Meshach (love shack -b52s)
Monkey Scheme
Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth
Narrow Way To Heaven
Never Been To Spain (Yet)
No Chain
None Too Ladylike
Old time romans road
Parable Guy
Parody Of The Theme Of "Friends"
Play that funny music
Pray now (lost art)
Psum 14
Psum 14 (fat lip -sum 41)
Put You Down In My Will
Read Ephesians
Revelation Man
Revelation man (secret agent man -johnny rivers)
Rocky's Now My Name
Search And You'll Get Saved
Second Timothy
Second timothy (sex and candy -marcy playground)
Secret Agent Man
Shepherd's Paradise
Should I Pray Or Should I Go?
Simp Litztik
Sin Can Be Resistible
Singled You Out
Smarten Up
Smells Like Thirtysomething Spirit
Smooth Grandmama
Smooth Grandmamma
Story Of A Squirrel
Strangest Folks
Sufferin' Just Finished
Sufferin' just finished (haman)
The Ballad Of Jesus And Yahweh
The Real Sin Savior
The Sounds Of Silas
The Spittle
The spittle (the middle -jimmy eat world)
Tom Saw Ya
Tom saw ya (tom sawyer -rush)
Two-Time Baby / Lord's House Blues
Very Wiser
Wake Up Talitha Cumi
Walk On The Water
We're Not Gonna Drown
Welcome To The Judges
Wherever you will sow
Who's There?
Won't Get Born Again
You Ain't Been Nothing Yet

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