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Apocalyptica Lyrics

Song Lyrics

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Album: New Songs

Album: 7th Symphony (2010)

Album: Worlds Collide (2007)

Album: Amplified - A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello (2006)

Album: Apocalyptica (2005)

Betrayal / Forgiveness
Distraction (Instrumental)
En Vie
Farewell (Instrumental)
Fatal Error (Instrumental)
Fisheye (Instrumental)
How Far
Life Burns
Misconstruction (Instrumental)
Quutamo (Instrumental)
Ruska (Instrumental)
Wie Weit

Album: En Vie (2005)

En Vie
How Far
Quutamo (Instrumental)
Wie Weit

Album: Life Burns (Single) (2005)

Album: Bittersweet (Single) (2004)

Album: Faraway Vol. 2 (Single) (2003)

Album: Seemann feat. Nina Hagen - (Single) (2003)

Album: Cult (2001)

Beyond Time (Instrumental)
Coma (Instrumental)
Fight Fire With Fire (Instrumental)
Hall Of The Mountain King
Harmageddon (Live) (Instrumental)
Hope (Instrumental)
Hyperventilation (Instrumental)
In Memoriam (Instrumental)
Inquisition Symphony (Live) (Instrumental)
Nothing Else Matters (Live)
Path Vol II
Path Vol. Ii (Featuring Sandra Nasic From Guano Apes)
Pray! (Instrumental)
Romance (Instrumental)
Struggle (Instrumental)
Until It Sleeps (Instrumental)

Album: Inquisition Symphony (1998)

Album: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos (1996)

Album: Life Burns

Life Burns (Instrumental) (Instrumental)

Album: Other Songs

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