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Anti System lyrics

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Album: A Look At Life (1986)

Album: No Laughing Matter (1985)

20 Years Of Hell
A New Kind Of Army
A Start
America Got It Right
Angry Young And Poor
Antithetic To The Cure
Antithetic To The Cure [new Demo]bring It To An End
Bring It To An End
Bring Oout Your Dead [live] - Anti-flag
Captain Anarchy
Cities Burn
Class Plague
Class Plague [from Split 7" W/ Obnoxious]daddy Was A Rich Man (Part 2) [from Split 7" W/ Against All
Confused Youth
Corporate Rock
Daddy Warbux
Daddy Was A Rich Man (Part 2)
Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene
Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime
Die For The Government [live] - Anti-flag
Die For Your Government
Don't Worry
Drink Drank Punk
Dying In Agony
Empty Threats
Equality Song
Ever Fallen In Love
Feminism Is For Everybody (With A Beating Heart And A Functioning Brain)
Free Nation
Free Nation [Live] - Anti-Flag
Gifts From America: With Love, The U.S.A.
Got The Numbers
Heroin Or Suicide?
Hymn For The Dead
I Can't Stand Being With You
I Don't Believe
I Don't Want To Be Like You
I'd Tell You But...
I'm Being Watched By The Cia
Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck
Kill The Rich
Mumia's Song
N.B.C. (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)
No Apology
No Difference
No Laughing Matter
No More Dead
Not Gonna Change
One Trillion Dollars
Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)
Orgasm Addict
Pancake Mountain Theme Song
Police State In The Usa
Police Story
Protest Song
Punk By The Book
Red White And Brainwashed
Rhetorical Stagnation
Right On
Rotten Future
Safe Tonight
Seattle Was A Riot
She's My Little Go-Go Dancer
Skateboarding Music
Smash It To Pieces
So Long As
Spaz's House Destruction Party
Spaz's House Destruction Party [live]
State Funeral
Strange Love
Summer Squatter Go Gome
That's When I Reach For My Revolver
That's Youth
The Big Fall Out
The Consumer's Song
The End Was Inevitable
The Freaks, Nerds, & Romantics
The New Millennium Generation
The Panama Deception
The Press Corpse
The School Of Assassins
The Truth
The W.T.O. Kills Farmers
The World That God Made
Their System Doesn't Work For You
They Don't Protect You
This Is The End (For You My Friend)
This Machine Kills Fascists
Undergound Network [Live] - Anti-Flag
Until It Happens To You
Vieques, Puerto Rico: Bikini Revisited
Wake Up
Want An Anarchy
War Sucks, Let's Party!
Watch The Right
We Don't Need It
We've Got His Gun
Welcome To 1984
What About The Lonely
What You Don't Know
When You Don't Control Your Government People Want
When You Don't Control Your Government People Want To Kill You
When You Don't Control Your Government People...
When You Don't Control Your Government...
Wot Not Meat (To Live! Life)
You Can Kill The Protester But You Can't Kill The
You Can Kill The Protester, But U Cant Kill...
You Can Kill The Protester, But You Can't Kill The Protest
You Can Kill The Protester, But You Can't...
You Gotta Die For Your Government
You'd Do The Same
You've Got To Die For The Government
Youth And Tear Gas
Zapatista, Don't Give Up

Album: Defence Of The Realm (1983)

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