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Anchors - Year Of The Bastard lyrics

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Year Of The Bastard by Anchors

Eat shit, turn out the light. I made a new year resolution to fuck off and die tonight and now I'm holding myself to it, so now I'm seeing myself through it. And I can already tell that this won't end so well, oh well, oh hell, lets sing. Give me something more, give me something real 'cause this aint it, before I throw up my hands and say 'I quit'. So let me guess; nobody's really having fun. Well what the fuck did you expect? We're just lining up to drown and what we lost can never be found. And we can't stop the breaking dawn by wondering where the years have gone or how they just keep rolling on and on, so fuck it, take what you want, take everything, because nothing means anything at all. Because I'm falling apart but if you listen real hard well then maybe you'll hear me sing. And I already want this year to be over, nobody's really having fun we're just lining up to drown. What the fuck did you expect? Here's to another shitty night, let's drown. And I look like shit but I'll be alright, may all acquaintance be forgot so fuck you all tonight. I already want this year to be over, but I'm not that lucky, so for now here's to another shitty line and another waste of time, so let's pretend we're doing fine and forget about it all. See you around.

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