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Anchors - Bad Juju lyrics

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Bad Juju by Anchors

Let's count the fucking time spent in the rain, patiently waiting for the devil and when the devil finally came he dried his eyes, apologised, and said 'I'm lost for words at best but it gets worse, and mercy's dead so close your eyes and hit the ground, your idols are all burning and your house is falling down, so close your eyes can you hear that sound? I'm lost for words and don't know what to say'. So look around, the hands that built these walls were destined to form the fists that tore them down and when we left the town was red, and that's when they pulled rank and dropped us to our knees. Then I said something like 'yeah I kill everything I fuck', and we both know I'll be the last mistake you ever make in television mood-lit hell, silently dying of boredom and disappointment. This isn't what you expected at all, so listen up because it's as close as you will get to knowing me. But just don't believe everything that you hear. So watch yourself just when you think that you might know someone because I warned you I'm a liar when I drink, let's set aside all of the romance and the poetry, remember; don't believe everything that you hear. And when you left, the devil turned his collar up and drew a cross upon his chest and walked back out into the rain and said 'it's as close as you will get to knowing me'.

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