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by Amias Davies


Broke Song Lyrics

Broke by Amias Davies

There are two meanings,
I can’t believe this,
Broken because of those feelings,
Miss if the kiss,
Heart in two pieces,
Can’t breathe near her,
The love decreases,
Starting to be a bother,
Can remember how you started,
Can’t forget how it ends,
Seeing how she departed,
The time that she spends,
It equals nothing,
The time the you spent,
It meant everything,
Did it have to end with resent,
Can you pick up the pieces,
Or is it too hard to match,
The time alone increases,
You missed the catch.
Or when you’re broke with nothing,
No cash to spend,
Your heart burning,
But this time it’s because you have to pretend,
Lie to yourself about the money,
Lie to yourself about how happy,
You really are, it’s not funny,
But don’t turn sappy,
Just because your life is cr*ppy,
Lost in the abbey,
Don’t want to get too chatty,
You feel nasty,
Lonely, it’s too dark in the abyss,
When you’re poor you’re sad and empty,
It’s not a chance you can miss,
You have to force that door,
Enter your life,
Open a new chapter,
Forget the afterlife,
And build you character. 

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