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A Laughing Stock Lyrics

by Amias Davies


A Laughing Stock Song Lyrics

A Laughing Stock by Amias Davies

Better stop acting like a sheep,
They’re still laughing at you,
They think you’re the stock, and that they can sell you,
Are you going to keep digging deep?
Or stand your own path?
Let them hear your wrath,
Don’t let them think you’re trash
Turn one word to ash,
Or turn their hate to ashes?
Make sure your thoughts crashes,
And stop the madness.
The redness spreads through the sadness,
You’re not trying to be the strongest?
Do you want to be the weakest?
Or did you even give it your all?
But did you really?
Could you say I couldn’t fall?
Did you live your life freely?
Did you stand tall?
Did you answer the call?
Or did you ignore the signs?
‘What signs?’
The ones that said cross the lines,
Forget the mines that intertwines your spines,
Didn’t everyone have his own designs?
Do you thing you were supposed to resign?
You’re supposed to decline,
Your life doesn’t add up to nine,
And you think you can scar from afar?
Someone left success’s door ajar,
So go be a star,
Don’t fear the sun,
It will try to burn you for fun,
But will you be done?
Will you just run?
How could you be number one,
When you think you’re out done?
Remember your loved one,
And get a home run.
Forget the people?
No, learn from their laughs,
Get the courage to take control,
Stop being a laughing stock with these clues.

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