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Universe Lyrics

by Alice In Darkland


Universe Song Lyrics

Universe by Alice In Darkland

The sun is dying and the light with him as well
Sadly embraced they drown far away

The night rises again
The dark mystery
Falls softly on me
With her innocent veil

Crumbs of light stud her black mantle
And playful figures spring up
Invading the sky

That black painting
Depicted with stars
As a living picture
Renewed every night
Let them admire
What their eyes are unable to notice
The immense and boundless infinite
Hidden behind it

As a wonderful dream destined to vanish completely

Into a neverending burning horizon
The sun and light die again
Black and majestic the night comes back

Oh sweet pale-faced moon
Deathly pale queen of the obscure empire
What you hide behind you
Show me the secret for my eyes
Show me the infinite spheres of light
Jealously guarded by you
Let me delight the immense infinite

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