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Fly to Die (To Icon) Lyrics

by Alice In Darkland


Fly to Die (To Icon) Song Lyrics

Fly to Die (To Icon) by Alice In Darkland

The eternal abyss
Had called me back again
Where your thirst for death
Had never quenched
Deceiving myself into thinking
I could still help you
While that demoniacal force
Devoured you
It was like asking me to get mad
Repressing that same f**king agony
Without restraints armed with so sharf blades
Ready to kill at the first wrong move
You insist on fighting but that evil force is inside you
And you will end up by killing yourself
You don't belong to this world
Wishes too high to survive in this world
You wish to fly free far away
But you are a slave
Chained by yourself by an inward sorrow
And you are scared of crying
Too many days spent to think over
You were too weak to fight
Even though I wanted to help you
I could do nothing to let you fly away
In the eternal nothingness you will wander about like a ghost
When one day your certainties collapse
But maybe is for that God you believe in
That you have not committed suicide.
To cut your veins
It's so sweet feeling the blood overflowing
Killing yourself is this what you really want ?
Be damned accursed presence that rip, tear
To pieces the mind and kill every breath of life
That doesn't belong to you
You won't triumph because that day
It will be the rebirth
And from the blood it will rise again
That frail soul that now succumbs
Unable to react

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