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Nuctemeron Descent Lyrics

by Abominator


Nuctemeron Descent Song Lyrics

Nuctemeron Descent by Abominator

Beneath the churning seas
Hear the transcendental oration
Searching for soul supremacy
Through penance of isolation
Virtuous serpent of hatred
Master superion I seek
The most obscure knowledge
Through the walls it leaks
Mind becomes void
As the subterranean kingdom abhors me
Occultist enclaves
A union for infinity
The burden is mine
So too are strengthened abilities
Possessor of mystic fury
Scorching with unbound descent
I await grimacing shadows
Nuctemeron descent
Discoidal fire
War desire
Transcendental purifier
Infinite wisdom I have gained
Releasing me from the mortal coil
On the path of infallible transformation
Supreme magus most high
Nuctemeron awaits for my descent
Underworld passage scriptures on the wall
Caduces of etherean majesty
Depict the force
The light of animation
Sorcerer superion most high
Escape the surface world in blackened pain
Ritual now in session
Elements in hand
Demonic memorial
Message carved in the land
Personification of time's sand
Infinite wisdom I have gained
Rise for the brotherhood of the black sun
Absolute in ineffable transformation
Supreme magus most high
Occultist enclaves
Scorching spirit and mind
Depict the force
The true light of animation
The dominant glare of submission
Purpose in desolation
To witness collective shame
Deathlike astral projection
Burn the world again
Nuctemeron descent

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