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Abominator - Scourge Immortalised lyrics

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Scourge Immortalised by Abominator

Bold essence of the ignivomous rise again
Dominant talons flex poised to claw again
The foul breath of Nephesh settles upon thee
Arrogant omnipotence – stoke the furnace of human frailty
From the cavernous bowels of all
Wretched symbols of heresy call
Restoring the doctrines of Baphomet
In it's womb resides the blackest day
Subjugating clasp within a lightning grasp
Eradication of vermin crushed into dust
Parasitic filth dead on bended knee
Weep in earthly failure for I dwell in infamy
Exocannibalistic hunger vented
Ever vexed
A resonant peal of chimes
Fate centred
Gripping the dagger of vengeance
Blood scented
Split the rocks of ignorance
Intolerant spirits announced
Scourge immortalised incessant
The end of hypocrisy pronounced
Icons of falsehood revered in the least
Sanctimonious flesh torn from it's frame
Diseased in religion's coma
Firmament of shame
Agitators assail the holy circle
Dawn of the usurper
Transcend worlds of inaccuracy
Scourge immortalised
Strike to defy contemptuously
Liars of the light
Searing of angel meat
Grand defiler
Pallid face of the goat – Impurifier
Intered beneath a shroud of gloating black malevolence
A horrific fate awaits
The torment of God's incompetence
Submerged in subservience
Tales of a scourge immortalised
Infections cleansed
Lurch forward into rapture

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