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Abby Travis - Crazy In Love lyrics

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Crazy In Love by Abby Travis

Lie that you're gonna be true to me
You don't even know
What exactly it means to be
Crazy and in love
So I had another dream she took you back away
Couldn't dial fast enough to keep you on the line
Once you slept beside her as she told me you still loved her
And I screamed so loud it woke me up
I don't believe you, don't believe
She's a devil and her method is your sympathy
All I want to do is catch her sitting on your knee
I simmer in the bedroom of my mind when you're away
I see you there with evil girl no matter what you say
I know you...
You smile at my jealousy it means I want you more
What it is is damage from bad fucks I've had before
Maybe it's just guilt at having lovers of my friend's
I'll tell you what I'll self destruct just to see how fast it ends
Because you lie

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