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Abby Travis - Dust lyrics

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Dust by Abby Travis

All the little things I've done
Will cease to exist when I'm nothing
Tears that fell things I've made will degrade
When the sun shines
All the thoughts I've thought will slip away
Others might perceive them in another way
What I'm trying to say is
Let me put it in another way for you
I don't want to be dust
I don't want to be dirt on the ground
Some things last forever
I want to stay around
All the breaths I took
The kinds that shook the earth don't last
Beyond the earth
Thousands may pray
But in the end we'll all go away
Like birds that fly before they die
And stars that shine before they fry
And when I look into the sky
I'm high
Higher than a baby's cry
Or it's lullaby
Once inside I took the kind of look
That opens up your mind to pray
I mean it when I say
Love is only half the way

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