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Seekers Lyrics

Seekers List of Lyrics

Album: All Bound For Morningtown (2009) Lyrics
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Album: Very Best Of Seekers (1998) Lyrics
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  1. I'll Never Find Another You
  2. Open Up Them Pearly Gates
  3. This Little Light
  4. A World Of Our Own
  5. Sinner Man
  6. The Carnival Is Over
  7. We Shall Not Be Moved
  8. Someday, One Day
  9. Walk With Me
  10. Georgy Girl
  11. Morningtown Ride
  12. Come The Day
  13. On The Other Side
  14. I Wish You Could Be Here
  15. When The Good Apples Fall (On The Other Side Of My
  16. Cloudy
  17. Rattler
  18. All over the World
  19. Emerald City
  20. Love Is Kind, Love Is Wine
  21. All I Can Remember
  22. Island Of Dreams
  23. Red Rubber Ball
Album: Best Of Today (1991) Lyrics
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  1. I'll Never Find Another You
  2. Georgy Girl
  3. World of Our Own
  4. Red Rubber Ball
  5. How Can a Love So Wrong Be So Right
  6. Time and Again
  7. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
  8. Building Bridges
  9. Keep a Dream in Your Pocket
  10. Sparrow Song
  11. Live On
  12. The Streets of Serenade
  13. House of Cards
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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