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Kekal Lyrics

Kekal List of Lyrics

Album: Audible Minority (2008) Lyrics
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Album: The Habit Of Fire (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle
  2. The Gathering Of Ants
  3. Isolated I
  4. Manipulator Generals (Part I Of Dictatorship)
  5. Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously
  6. To Whom It May Concern
  7. Free Association
  8. Historicity And State Of Mind (Part II Of Dictatorship)
  9. Postlude: Saat Kemarau
  10. A Real Life To Fear About
  11. Escapism
Album: Acidity (2005) Lyrics
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  1. Characteristicon
  2. Strength In My Weakness
  3. Thy Neighbor's Morality
  4. A Dream For A Moment
  5. Broken
  6. Envy And Its Manifesto
  7. The Way Of Thinking Beyond Comprehension
  8. Romantika Destruksi
  9. Blessing In Disguise
  10. Empty Space
Album: 1000 Thoughts Of Violence (2003) Lyrics
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Album: Embrace The Dead (1999) Lyrics
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  1. Longing For Truth
  2. Embrace The Dead
  3. The Fearless And The Dedicated
  4. Source Of Existence
  5. Healing
  6. The Final Call
  7. From Within
  8. Scripture Before Struggle
  9. Millennium
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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