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This house is freakin' sweet Lyrics by Family Guy


This house is freakin' sweet by Family Guy

*MB = Maids and Butlers
**Non-singing part

MB: We Only Live to Kiss Your Ass!
Butler: Kiss it? Oh, We'll even wipe in for you!**

MB: From here on in it's easy street!
Peter: Any bars on that street?**
Butler: 24 happy hours a day.**
Peter: Oh Boy!**

MB: We'll stop your holders at the gate!
Guard: Can i see that panflit, sir?**
Holder: Ow!**
Peter: My God, This house is freakin' sweet!

Chef 1: I make bunch, Clyde cooks lunch,
Chef 1 & 2: Each and Everyday!
Chef 2: Chocolate Cake, Oluvake!
Peter: 100 bucks, Blake is gay!

*Note: Error, Chef #2's name is somehow Clyde and Blake in
the song, or there 2 different people?*

MB: We'll do the best we can with Meg!
Meg: Are you saying I'm ugly?**
Maid: It doesn't matter, dear, your rich now!**

MB: We'll do your nails and rub your feet!
Lois: Oh, thats not nessa- Oh My!**

MB: We'll do your homework every night!
Chris: It's really hard!**
Butler: That's why we got that Steven Hawking, guy.**
Peter: My God, This house is freakin' sweet!

-------------------------------Peter's solo-----------------------
Used to pass lots of gas!
Lois ran away!
Now we got 30 rooms!
Hello beans!
Goodbye spray!

MB: We'ed*** take a bullet just for you!
Stewie: Oh what a coadincedince***, I've got one!**
Lois: Stewie!**
*** not sure if We'ed is a real word, and coadincedince is
spelled wrong.

MB: Prepare to suck that golden tea!
Now that your stinking rich,
We'll gladly be your b**ch!

Peter: My God, This house is...

MB and Peter: Freakin' Swee~eet!
MB: Welcome!**

Non singing part-----------------------------------------

Maid: Thats a wrap people, now lets get the hell outta here!

Peter: Hey! Wait a second! Where ya going?

Maid: The old bag only paid us up through the song.

Lois: Well, we can just pick up after ourselfs.
After all well just be here on the weekends...

Peter: No, no Lois! It's time you start living like the
Pecersmit (Piece-er-shmit) you are!

Lois: That's Putersmit...

Peter: W- Wait! You guys, You guys! Your all hired to be full time
Griffion servents!

Lois: Peter, Where are we going to get the money
to pay all these people?

Peter: Simple... I... uh... sold our house in Quharg***
*** Not sure if spelled right...

Lois: You sold our home?!?

Peter: Suprise!

Lois: Peter, how could you?!?

Peter: Whoops...

Non singing part over--------------------------------------

Singing Part------------------------------------------------

Peter: I reconize that tone!
Tonight, I sleep alone!
But still this...

MB and Peter: house is freakin' swee~eet!