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Family Guy Live in Las Vegas Lyrics

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Family Guy Live in Las Vegas

Family Guy Lyrics
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Family Guy Live in Las Vegas Lois: it seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on T.V.

Peter: But where all those good 'ol fashioned values on which we use to rely?

Brian: it use to be a big time star, was elegent as Garbo, or Hedy Lamarr

Stewie: But now we get whores like Jenny Lopez, you want to curl up and die

Chorus: Lucky there's a Family Guy. Lucky there's a man who positively can do all the things that make us-

Stewie: Laugh and cry

Chorus: He's a Family Guy

Louis: When I was young, the songs were fair, with Mister Johnny Mathis, and Sonny and Cher

Peter: But now we get Justin Timber-homo

Louis: A heartache all gone awry!

Brian: The classic films were works of art, the images were graceful, the stories were smart

Stewie: But now we get Matrix Revolution, I'm sorry I know this doesn't rhyme, but what the hell were you Wachowski Brothers

Chorus: Lucky there's a family guy, lucky there's a fella, sweeter than vanilla, wholesome as a piece of-

Stewie: Apple Pie

Chorus: He's a family guy

Lois: His smile's a simple delight

Chris: He lets me see the boobies on the internet sites

Lois: Peter!

Meg: He bought me my cute little hat.

Brian: Yeah we should have a talk about that.

Chorus: About that! And his hat!

Brian: He's mastered the comedy arts

Stewie: He says, "Look out, Hiroshima!" then casually farts

Lois: He's loaded with sexy appeal.

Peter: And best of all my titties are real, Have a feel!

Brian: No thank you

Stewie: I gave it the office

Lois: The Brady Bunch has got their Mike and pretty Laura Petrie has Dicky Van Dyke. But who around here could fill those

Chorus: But here's a happy reply. Lucky there's a family guy. Lucky there's a man who positively can do all the thing that
make us-

Stewie: Laugh and Cry!
Chorus: He's a Family Guy! He's a Family Guy!!!
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