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Planes Soundtrack CD. Planes Soundtrack

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Planes soundtrack lyrics

Cartoon, 2013
Nothing Can Stop Me Now

Mark Holman 

Show Me What You Got


Start Your Engines


Skipper Tries to Fly


Dusty & Ishani


Love Machine

Carlos Alazraqui and Antonio Sol 

Armadillo (Instrumental)


Ein Crop Duster Can Race

Dave Wittenberg 

Skipper's Theme (Instrumental)


Honorary Jolly Wrench (Instrumental)


A True Victory (Instrumental)


1st Place (Instrumental)


Dusty Soars (Instrumental)


Skipper to the Rescue (Instrumental)


Leg 7 (Instrumental)


You're a Racer (Instrumental)


Skipper's Story (Instrumental)


Dusty Has to Ditch (Instrumental)


Get Above the Storm (Instrumental)


Running on Fumes (Instrumental)


The Tunnel (Instrumental)


Leg 2/Bulldog Thanks Dusty (Instrumental)


Dusty Steps Into History (Instrumental)


Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place (Instrumental)


Last Contestant (Instrumental)


Crop Duster (Instrumental)


Planes (Instrumental)



Jon Stevens of The Dead Daisies 

You Don't Stop NYC

Chris Classic and Alana D