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Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place

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Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place (Instrumental) Song Lyrics

Planes Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2013
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This composition "Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place (Instrumental)" contains no lyrics and fully instrumental.
Melody was included in original CD album "Planes" from official Cartoon soundtrack in 2013 year.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

Song title Artist name
Nothing Can Stop Me Now Mark Holman
You Don't Stop NYC You Don't Stop NYC Video add Chris Classic and Alana D
Fly Fly Video add Jon Stevens of The Dead Daisies
Planes (Instrumental) Planes Video add
Crop Duster (Instrumental) Crop Duster Video add
Last Contestant (Instrumental) Last Contestant Video add
Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place (Instrumental) Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place Video add
Show Me What You Got
Dusty Steps Into History (Instrumental) Dusty Steps Into History Video add
Start Your Engines
Leg 2/Bulldog Thanks Dusty (Instrumental) Leg 2/Bulldog Thanks Dusty Video add
Skipper Tries to Fly
Dusty & Ishani
The Tunnel (Instrumental) The Tunnel Video add
Running on Fumes (Instrumental) Running on Fumes Video add
Get Above the Storm (Instrumental) Get Above the Storm Video add
Dusty Has to Ditch (Instrumental) Dusty Has to Ditch Video add
Skipper's Story (Instrumental) Skipper's Story Video add
You're a Racer (Instrumental) You're a Racer Video add
Leg 7 (Instrumental) Leg 7 Video add
Skipper to the Rescue (Instrumental) Skipper to the Rescue Video add
Dusty Soars (Instrumental) Dusty Soars Video add
1st Place (Instrumental) 1st Place Video add
A True Victory (Instrumental) A True Victory Video add
Honorary Jolly Wrench (Instrumental) Honorary Jolly Wrench Video add
Skipper's Theme (Instrumental) Skipper's Theme Video add
Love Machine Carlos Alazraqui and Antonio Sol
Ein Crop Duster Can Race Ein Crop Duster Can Race Video add Dave Wittenberg
Armadillo (Instrumental) Armadillo Video add

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