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I Could Write Books

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I Could Write Books Song Lyrics

Enrico Rodriguez
Zanna, Don't! Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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I Could Write Books MIKE: I could write books

'bout all the things you don't know about me,

page after page of all the things you didn't say.

I could write books

'bout all the things you didn't do,

And then write twice as much

about how much I still love you.

I drop hints about my birthday,

you forget it anyway.

I say pick me up at seven,

and you do, but the wrong day.

Is there something I should know about

that's going on inside?

What is wrong with me that there's

so much of you you hide?

I could write books

'bout all the ways you hurt me,

All the ways you didn't even know could destroy a person so.

I could write books

'bout all the things you took from me,

And then write twice as much

About how much you give back.

I could fill all the desert sands

With ancient scriptures from my hands,

Watch siroccos come erase them

And then write them all again.

I just can't understand why I do

all these things that don't make sense;

but love it seems has a logic

that defies all evidence.

I could write books

'bout all the things I don't know about you,

volumes one and two of all the doubt you've put me through.

And maybe I'll never know

why you do the things you do,

but I do know...I'll always love you.

'Cuz deep inside, I think you love me, too.

[Thanks to musicaluver723@yahoo.com for lyrics]
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