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Ride 'Em Lyrics

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Ride 'Em Lyric

Shelley Thomas, Anika Larsen & Company Lyrics
Zanna, Don't! Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Ride 'Em KATE:
Hey everyone!
I can't tell you how excited I am to be working with such an awesome group of riders.
We've got a great year ahead of us,
so let's get right down to business and start learning the new combination, okay' It goes something like this...
Hey, Cowgirl,
Won'tcha mosey on inta my world,
Where we can ride the open plain,
Wrang-a-lin' all our days away, so
Canter, canter ' don't say that you can't, er
I'm gonna have ta gallop, because there is a gal up here
Who's rustlin' up a herd of your love.
So saddle up!
It's time to
ALL: Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! (C'mon baby now)
Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! (C'mon baby now)
Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! (C'mon baby now)
Ride 'em, baby, ride 'em, ride 'em, yeah.
KATE: OK, did you all get that
RIDER #1: Kate, you're insane.
RIDER #2: No human can ride like that.
KATE: Oh, come on. Anyone'
I'm comin' atcha,
You finally met yer match. I'm
Trottin' over hill n' dale,
Kickin' up the dusty trail, so
Stand back, y'all,
Up against the wall, y'all.
The sheriff has gone out of town,
and I'm the one who runs things now.
Stick 'em up! And hand over yer heart.
Let the buckin' start!
It's time to
ALL: Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! etc.

Stampede, stampede '
Can't you see what yer love is doin' ta me
It's a stampede! Oh, baby, please
Be a good cowgirl and rescue me.
KATE: Oh, my God! No one has ever done my choreography like that!
ROBERTA: Well, it flows so lyrically...
KATE: You must have had years of training to ride like that.
ROBERTA: Nah, first time.
KATE: You mean...you risked riding a mechanical bull just to impress me
ROBERTA: Well, I've done weirder things.
KATE: Really'
ROBERTA: Don't ask. You know, when I see you straddling a mechanical bull,
it's like'we have some sort of spiritual connection, you know
KATE: Yeah. I feel it, too.
ALL: So get along, lil' doggies, get along.
ROBERTA: Yippi-aye-ee!
ALL: You've been corraled, my Buffalo Gal, where you belong.
ROBERTA: Right here with me!
ALL: You've been lassoed
ROBERTA: Yippi-aye-o.
ALL: in love's rodeo.
ROBERTA: Come on, let's go.
KATE: But any little miss that I kiss
had better be tough enough to handle this.
Check it out now.
RIDER #3: It's a dance challenge!
Be a good cowgirl and rescue me
Because it's time to
Ride 'em, yeah! Ride 'em, yeah! etc.

[Thanks to musicaluver723@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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