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All for Laura Lyrics


All for Laura Song Lyrics

Inner voices
Keeping me awake
Will I ever sleep again?
Everything I've done
Choices that I can't explain

All for Laura
This is what I prayed
All for Laura
Have I betrayed you?

With our old life
Ever out of reach
Look at what I've led you to
God forgive me
Look at what I've done
Look at how I protected you.

All for Laura
Shouldn't I have known?
I know one thing
We are alone now!
I sent away the man
The man that we could trust
The only man that we both love

All for Laura
Was it really you,
Who I was thinking of?
All for Laura
But at the start
Were you foremost in my heart?

All for Laura
That's how I'll live
Till I save you
Till you forgive me
I'll dedicate my life
I swear upon my soul
I'll find a way to set you free

All for Laura
Till my dying breath
Long as you're in need of me
I will somehow learn to be strong
I will live to right this wrong!

(Anne Catherick appears behind her and overhears what she says)

I will help you

My God!

I can help you both
He must never win again

It's you!

I can trust you
And I have a way
We can stop this evil man

It's amazing!
I see her face

I have come her to save your sister
Tomorrow at this time
Bring her here to me
But promise that you'll be alone
I've a secret
And when it is told
It will surely bring him down

Tell me now, please!

Only for Laura…

(Anne disappears. Suddenly Fosco appears. Marian jumps.)

Miss Halcombe! Forgive me
I did not mean to startle you.
I saw your room was empty-
I thought you must be out here
Counting your English sheep. Dico bene?

I couldn't sleep.

Wandering about in the dark-
And without the aid of a coat! Tut, tut.
You English ladies are so reckless
With your midnight flitting!
You must allow me to accompany you home.

There's no need.

You're shivering, Miss Halcombe.
Per piacere- take my arm.

Thank you

(They leave together)

Woman In White Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2005
All for Laura Lyrics from Woman In White Soundtrack (2005). Rating: 4.2/5 (20 votes)