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Trying Not to Notice

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Trying Not to Notice Song Lyrics

Woman In White Soundtrack - Musical, 2005
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Trying Not to Notice Marian:
Sweet tension fills the air
Which I know I ought not to dwell upon
I look away and I still see him there
I'm trying not to notice him
Yet I can't help but stare

No gazing!
Know your place
Words that I'd be wise to tell myself
I close my eyes and I still see her face
I'm trying not to notice her
But I don't stand a chance

I'm trying not to notice him
Yet I return each glance
A thousand contradictions
Are stirring in my soul
They seem to grow in me
Overflow in me

In spite of my convictions
I'm losing my control

I'm slightly shocked inside
Keep it locked inside

All Three:
Still it's louder than a symphony
Can no one hear what my heart seems to shout?
Perhaps they do not notice it
Though it's as plain as day
I'm trying not to notice it
But it won't go away
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