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Prove Me Wrong

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Prove Me Wrong Song Lyrics

David Pack
White Nights Soundtrack - Movie, 1985
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Prove Me Wrong Living in the darkness
Sleeping in the light of day
Waiting on the bad luck to pass
When there ain't no other way
Some would carry on
While the weak get trampeled down
Only way to know yourself is when the hard times comes around
Though I maybe down and out but you best not believe
I could fall down twenty flights and still and land on my feet

Yeah yeah
Just prove me wrong.
You've got to prove me wrong
You can't tie me down to one place
There's fire in my feet
Till I find my home again
Anywhere on the streets
Take what freedom from me put me where I don't belong
I will come back twice a strong
Just prove me wrong
Just prove me wrong

Oh wake up on the morning
There are things look bad for me
I'm gonna find a place that I can live
On my own terms and my own way
Raised up from this restriants I'm under
The way things have to be
I will raise up above this wall that stands in front of me

Yeah yeah oh
Just prove me wrong
Lead me to the edge of everything that I desire
Let the passion burn in me
Like flames of fire
Throw me in the deepest and try to hold me down to long I will come back twice as strong

Got to prove me wrong
Prove me wrong
Prove me prove me wrong
Prove me wrong
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