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Snake Charmer Lyrics

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Snake Charmer Lyric

John Haitt Lyrics
White Nights Soundtrack - Movie, 1985
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Snake Charmer Bye bye
I Got news for you
It's all right
Bad girl whatya gonna do

My My
Long blond hair
Short black dress
Standing there unimpressed

She's a snake...charmer, yeah
She's a snake...charmer

I wanna look, I'm a basket case
I get shook
Where to look, to investigate
I'm hooked

Close enough to hear her sighs
Close enough to get a rise


Bad boys checking out
Each others hair style
She ain't gonna last in this room for th reptiles
Hair comes up
blood starts to rush
Music getting
heart to pound
Three drinks and I'm on my knees
I can't think
She says "what's wrong with you"
And I shake
So much more
Now I'm just a little worm

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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