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Sandman Lyrics

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Sandman Lyric

Kirsty McGee Lyrics
Trance Soundtrack - Movie, 2013
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Sandman right before the you close your eyes
whispering your prayers
when the sandman blows your eyes i?ll be there

when you wake up in the night
sounds the second stair
that creaks under the careless foot i?ll be there

gather roses while you may
while the bloom is full
for the blossom soon will fade
and the bloom grow dull

right before the morning light
creeps soft upon the sill
when the shadows chase the night i never will

when your voice is softly heard
singing in the morning air
but the note does not ring true i?ll be there

right before you sleep at night
closing up the blind
in the window?s black embrace if you find

the face of a lover long-forgot
forgotten eyes, forgotten hair
forgotten words that stretch like salt i?ll be there
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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