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Princesses on Parade Lyrics

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Princesses on Parade Lyric

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Princesses on Parade Every single princess on the planet
Prayed to be invited to the ball
Every Portia, Guinevere and Janet
Would come by coach or boat to be here
Most would swim the moat to be here
Just to be at this historic gala
Girls would walk around or even crawl
Rumour is that at this joyous scene tonight
The prince will choose his future queen tonight

Beauty and glamour and breeding unmatched
Princess on parade
Lovely, enthralling and all unattached
The hoi polloi and those well-bred agree
Each enjoy a royal pedigree
Born for success, each possesses a spark
Each a remarkable maid
Boy oh boy these royal highnesses
All have pluses, they've no minuses
Gaze upon
Princess on parade

This is the likely occasion
When the heir to the throne picks a wife
This may be the day when Prince Derek will say
"Where have you been all my life?"
Brilliant, beguilling, the smiling brigade
Princess on parade
Each the pride of her community
Each a golden opportuniy
Just the thought that crown Prince Derek'll
Face his choice and he's hysterical
Gaze upon
Heap praise upon
Princess on Parade
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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