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No Fear

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No Fear Song Lyrics

Swan Princess Character
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No Fear Odette We’re off on a mission

We’re tough; in good condition

Puffin We're short

Odette But standing tall

All No fear!

Odette There's danger around us

Jean-Bob They'd hurt us if they found us

Speed Our backs are to the wall

All No fear!

Odette ‘Cause we have all the courage we require

Puffin Take it from a frequent flyer

Odette Try your luck

Odette & Puffin Our plan will fly

All No fear!

Jean-Bob This plan if applied’ll

Be simply suicidal

You’ll be a sitting duck

All No fear!

Jean-Bob Suppose that I do this

Who knows if we’ll live through this?

How ‘bout a kiss for luck?

Odette No

Puffin & Speed Fear

Odette Our team is shy one green, web-footed volunteer

Jean-Bob No way, Jose

No chance!

Speed No choice

Odette & Puffin No fear!

All No fear!

No fear!

No fear!

We will take any dare that the other side’ll dare to dream up

We’ll fight tough; we’ll play fair

But we’re sure to win because we’ll team up.

Jean-Bob I’m shaking!

I’m leaking!

Speed He’s freaking, frankly speaking

Jean-Bob We’re riding for a fall

All No fear!

Jean-Bob She’s gaining!

She’s faster!

We’re heading for disaster!

Puffin Our hero, warts and all!

All No fear!

Jean-Bob I would be fine if one of us knew how to steer!

Puffin Get a grip!

Speed Get set

Puffin That’s our respect!

Jean-Bob No breaks!

Speed No sweat

Puffin And no regrets!

Jean-Bob We’re dead!

Speed Not yet

Jean-Bob Oh no, not there!

All No fear!

[Thanks to Bianca for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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