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Lose that Long Face Lyrics

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Lose that Long Face Lyric

Star is Born, A Soundtrack - Musical, 1954
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Lose that Long Face If as, and when you've got a long face
Rearrange it
Don't be contented with the wrong face
There's a way to change it.

Does the day look painful?
Is the future glum?
Does the sky look rainful?
Hey there! Say there :
Are you in a vacuum?
All that stuff and nonsense
You can overcome
A long face gets you nowhere
You lose that month of May
Like Peter Pan, the sweeter pan
Wins the day.

Go lose that long face, that long face
Go 'long and get that long face lost.
The blues black out when they can see
A smile that says, "Move on. No vacancy!"
This panacea idea
I'm handing you without any cost
There isn't any tax on it
So just relax on it
If you want trouble double-crossed
Don't give in to a frown
Turn that frown upside down
And get yourself that long face lost!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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