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Gotta Have Me Go With You

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Gotta Have Me Go With You Song Lyrics

Star is Born, A Soundtrack - Musical, 1954
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Gotta Have Me Go With You What a spot, this
Not so hot, this!
Hey, there shy one,
Come be my one!
Please don't rush off
Want no brush-off.
I can't compel you
To buy what I'd sell you
But I've got to tell you
Like so:

You wanna have bells that'll ring
You wanna have songs that'll sing
You want your sky a baby blue
You gotta have me go with you

Hey, you fool you!
Why so cool, you!
When I'm ready
To go steady?

You wanna have eyes that'll shine?
You wanna have grapes on a vine?
You want a love that's truly true?
You gotta have me go with you!

Why the holdout?
Have you sold out?
Time you woke up
Time you spoke up

This line I'm handing you
Is not a handout
As a team, we'd be a standout.

You wanna live high on a dime?
You wanna have two hearts in rhyme?
Gotta have me go with you
All the time!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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