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The Bitch of Living

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The Bitch of Living Song Lyrics

Spring Awakening Soundtrack - Musical, 2006
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The Bitch of Living (Moritz)
God I dreamed there was an angel who could hear me through the wall
As I cried out like in latin, this is so not life at all
Help me out, out of this night made
Then I heard her silver call
She said "just give it time kid, I come to one and all"
She said "give me that hand please and the itch you can't control,
Let me teach you how to handle, all the sadness in your soul
Oh we'll work that silver magic
And we'll aim it at the wall"
She said "it might make you blind kid
But I wouldn't mind at all"

Its the b**ch of living (b**ch, just a b**ch)
Nothing but your hand (b**ch, just a b**ch)
Its the b**ch living, and something you can't stand

See each night its like fantastic
Tossing, turning without rest
Cause my days at the piano
With my teacher and her breasts
And the music's like the one thing
I can even get it all
And those breasts, I mean God please just let those apples fall

Its the b**ch of living (b**ch, just a b**ch)
Nothing going on (nothing going on)
Just the b**ch of living asking what went wrong!
Do they think we want this?
Oh, who knows

See the showering in gym class
Bobby Maylor, he's the best
Looks so nasty in those kakhis
God my whole lives like some test
Then there's Mari on a wheel in
Hasn't she returned my calls
Its like just kiss some ass man
But you can't screw 'em all

Its the b**ch of living (the b**ch of living)
Living in your head (in your head)
Its the b**ch of living
And sensing God is dead
Its the b**ch of living (you watch me, just watch me)
Trying to get our head (I'm calling and one day)
Its the b**ch of living
Just getting out of bed (all will know)
Its the b**ch of living, living, living (all will know)
You're getting what you get
Just the b**ch of living
And knowing this is it
God is this it?
This can't be it
Oh God, what a b**ch
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