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Touch Me Lyrics

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Touch Me

Spring Awakening Cast Lyrics
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Where I go, when I go there
No more memory anymore
Only men on distant ships
The women with them, swimming with them, to shore

Where I go, when I go there
No more whispering anymore
Only hymns upon your lips
A mystic wisdom, rising with them, to shore

Touch me – just like that
And that – o, yeah – now, that’s heaven
Now, that I like
God, that’s so nice
Now lower down, where the figs lie

MORITZ (Spoken)
Still, you must admit
With the two anatomies
It truly is daunting
I mean, how do I know if I…

Measure up?

MORITZ (Spoken)
Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t
I wouldn’t want to not
Wouldn’t ever not want to…


MORITZ (Spoken)
I have to go!

Moritz! Wait!

Where I go, when I go there
No more shadows anymore
Only men with golden fins
The rhythm in them, rocking with them, to shore

Where I go, when I go there
No more weeping anymore
Only in and out your lips
The broken wishes, washing with them, to shore

Touch me – all silent
Tell me – please – all is forgiven
Consume my wine
Consume my mind
I’ll tell you how, how the winds sigh

Touch me – just try it
Now, there – that’s it – God, that’s heaven
I’ll love your light
I’ll love you right
We’ll wander down where the sins cry

Touch me – just like that
Now lower down, where the sins lie

Love me – just for a bit
We’ll wander down, where’s the winds sigh

Where the winds sigh
Where the winds sigh

[Thanks to Rachel, Nick for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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