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Fix Me

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Fix Me Song Lyrics

Parle' f/ Jadakiss & Eve
Shaft Soundtrack - Movie, 1991
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Fix Me [Parle']
I feel what I want

Ha, Parle'
Ruff Ryders
Uh, uh
(Got me out in the streets)

Yo catch me comin' out a Red Lobster
In a red Boxter
With a red bone and take head shots to Vodka
Nothing like a pretty chick, that's pretty rich
Who got pretty lips and'll smoke 50 nicks
The type you can bring around the fam and all
She get plane tickets, credit cards, scans and all
And y'all know Ja, I twist honeys with Parle'
And I still gon get my money the hard way

It's just one hit of your love
Is exactly what I need
To get my high
(Got me out in the street)
Get my to the places where I wanna be
But instead, you got me in the streets
(You got me out in the street)
Fiendin' like a freak
Caught up in the mix
But all I need, all I need's just a fix

[1] - She can fix me with the love
Straight up
Just can't get enough of your love
Hit me with the dub
Baby hook me up
I wanna get high up off your love

I just can't quit
Can't get enough
So addicted to the stuff
Take me high
(Got me out in the street)
Tastin' your love baby is all I'm thinking off
In my bed, f**ked up all this week
And I can't get no sleep
It's playin tricks
All I need, all I need is just a fix

[Repeat 1]

She's the only thing in life I care about
Can't live without, strung out
Can anybody tell A.G any where about's
I need your love no doubt
Strung out

Uh, daddy you know the bait, mami here a stimulate
Think you be ready for my lovin' on the first date
Blondie make 'em fiend, give him everything he need
Rydin' Ruff with a stallion, bring 'em to they knees
Tried to warn you first you ain't listen
Now you in a f**ked up position
Got you cleanin' up my kitchen
In addition to the gifts you givin' out
Got you dug out
Flick of the tongue baby
And it's over got you strung out, uh

[Repeat 1 till end]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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