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Chase The Morning Lyrics

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Chase The Morning Lyric

Mag, Shilo, and Dead Marni Lyrics
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Chase The Morning Blind mag:
Shilo...? Is your name shilo?
Can i talk to you?
Can you come down please...
So we can speak?
I saw you at the show.
I thought i'd seen a ghost.
Your resemblance is striking.
You have your mother's eyes,
Her hair.
I was told you died with her.
All these years have come and gone.
How do i put this...?
I'm your godmom.

State your business.

Blind mag:

What do you want?

Blind mag:
I want, i want to finally meet you -
Something real to cling to.
Leave you with the hope that
You will go do all you're meant to,
All i've failed to.
In you, is a world of promise.
We have both been kept in bondage,
But you can learn from all my failures.

I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Blind mag:
Or let them through the gate?

That either. A big risk.

Blind mag:
A big fence.

A mistake.

Blind mag:
A new friend.

Dead marni:
Chase the morning.
Yield for nothing.
Chase the morning.
Yield for nothing.

How'd you do that?

Blind mag:
Do what?

Do that. That, that eye thing.

Blind mag:
These eyes can do more than see.

I know--i mean, i've seen you sing.

Blind mag:

From my window.
I can see the world from there.
Name the stars and constellations.
Count the cars and watch the seasons.

Blind mag:
I wish we could've watched together.

I can't have guests.

Blind mag:

Ever. If dad found out
That i'd been let out,
Or you'd been let in...

Blind mag:
I should go then.
Before i do, promise me you won't--

It's better that you-

Don't. Forget me.

If i resume my life inside
My bedroom.

Blind mag:
Don't forget that
A sheltered rose needs a
Little room to bloom
Outside her bedroom.

Dead marni:
Chase the morning.
Yield for nothing.
Chase the morning.
Yield for nothing.

Blind mag:
Let your life be your dream.
Integrity. Honesty.
It's too late for me.
Don't look back 'til you're free to
Chase the morning…

Dead marni:
Yield for nothing.
Chase the morning.
Yield for nothing.
Yield for nothing.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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