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Mark It Up Lyrics

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Mark It Up Lyric

Genterns, Amber, Luigi, and Pavi Lyrics
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Mark It Up Genterns:
Mark it up! Mark it up!
Mark it up! Mark it up!

Where the f**k is dad, brothers?!

He left me in charge, sister!

I don't take lip from a cunt
I don't take lip from a sl*t!

My brother and sister should f**k--

Pavi, shut the f**k up!

I'm the smartest,
And the toughest!
I will find a hole and f**k it!
If there ain't one,
I will make one!
Luigi don't take sh*t from no one!

One brain, mark it up!
Only i got brains enough!
That's why pop will leave geneco to me!

Ask a gentern who they prefer,
Ten-out-of-nine will say the pavi.
The most dashing! Panty snatching!
I will leave your diapers dripping!

Two hearts, mark it up!
Pavi steals all of the hearts!

You ain't got the guts, brother!

All bark, but no lungs, brother!

Luigi and pavi:
Dad will leave geneco to me!

You wait, time will tell!
Pavi's face will woo them all when
I inherit papa's stuff!
Take dad's will and mark you out!
Take my cut and mark it up!
You wait, time will tell!
Luigi's fists will rule you!
I'll inherit all dad's stuff!
Take dad's will and write you out!
Take my, my cut and mark it up!

Luigi and pavi:
Mark it up!! Mark it up!!!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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