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Suffering Lyrics

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Suffering Lyric

Jay-Jay Johanson Lyrics
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Suffering Autumn is here inside my heart
When there's springtime in the air
Loneliness is tearing me apart
Being lost makes me scared
I keep on asking the gods above
to send my love back to me
Oh please let these days and weeks
Pass by so quickly
Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else, oh no
Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else but you
You had to leave, I know
And we knew it would be tough
You said you would be back soon
Soon is not soon enough
Through this waiting in vain
All this darkness and pain
I've been crying for you, now I'm dying
When this test is at the end
I hope you'll understand
That you're all that I've got
Oh darling
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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