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Dive in the Pool

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Dive in the Pool Song Lyrics

Barry Harris f/ Pepper Mashay
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Dive in the Pool Well, alright...
How ya'll feelin' tonight?
Ya'll feelin' good?
Well you know... I'm feelin' mighty good tonight...
But you see baby... it's a little hot in here...
In more ways than one...
So I've got a little proposal to make to each and every one of you here tonight...
I think it's time... that we all... go dive in the pool...
Ya'll wanna go dive in the pool?
I know ya'll wanna go dive in the pool!
Come on! Come on! Let's go!
Now I know there's quite a few of you who don't quite get it yet...
But I wanna see each and every one of you... in the pool, with me tonight...
Ya see baby... the vibe is right... and the feelin's right...
And we're all just one big happy family here tonight...
So I wanna see each and every one of you, dive in the pool... with me, tonight...
Come on! Are ya ready? Come on! Come on boys!
I wanna see it! Are ya ready? Are ya ready? Come on? I wanna hear it!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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