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Sittin' Back Easy

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Sittin' Back Easy Song Lyrics

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Sittin' Back Easy I'm just sittin' back easy
Watchin' her make 'em stare
She says she needs attention
They're quick to laugh
But she's no longer there.

I've been makin' my mind up
Watchin' her have her fun
She talks of her frustration
They grab at her
And wonder where she's gone

She only wanted to be hidden from the sun
She came in lookin' scared
But didn't say what she had done

She told me I could hold her
If I promised to be good
Then she sat on my bed and cried
And says she's been misunderstood.

I've been tryin' to tell her
What she already knows
She says she's always known me
She holds me there, and then she lets me go.

I'm just sittin' back easy
Watching her make 'em stare
She moves in my direction
She stops to cry,
Then says she doesn't care.

She only wanted to be told she was a star
She said that she could make it
And she screamed at her guitar
She tells me I'm a loser
But she feels I must be good
Then she stares back and cries
Says she's been misunderstood.

[Thanks to Tom Lute for lyrics]
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