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The Man Lyrics

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The Man Lyric

Patto Lyrics
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The Man You see I'm real
You see..come feel
But every little thing that I want now
Got every little thing, it's all gone now
It's all gone now

You see I'm here
You're tired, don't fear
Got every little thing that you want now
Got every little thing that you need now
You feel it now

You see me smile
You rise one mile
Got every little thing to please me now
Got every little thing that I want now
It's alright now

It's a fool that never sees it's time to lose
But he has to run to win some peace of mind
It's the law that puts me down for what I am
Yeah, lest I dare to kick against their mighty plan

It's my belief that good will win through in the end
That keeps me smiling as I use another day
It's the man with a new car and a smile
Who takes my money for the thing I most desire

I saw the man
I saw the man, and it saw me alright

I saw the man.

[Thanks to Alli for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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