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Stand Lyric

Shawn Stockman Lyrics
Kingdom Come Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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Stand I'll Stand even when life has got me down
And my hopes and dreams nowhere to be found
Still I Stand cause I know I'm too close to give up now
I'll put it all in your hands and just Stand (yea yea)

Stand even when nights seem cold and
Stand when you can't feel your soul and
Stand when your dark past won't seem to go away
(Help me say) You can Stand

God is right by your side and
He will make everything alright
So if you can lift your hands
There's a plan and just Stand

If I cry it's alright
Cause it may be just what I need (hum)
Cause everybody hurts sometimes and
Every heart needs relief
Still I know where to go
To the one who understands
So no matter what tomorrow may bring
Still I Stand


Everybody help me say Oh...Stand
Even if you fall still know that you can just Stand
If you can lift your hands
There's a plan if you just Stand
If you

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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