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It's Alright

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It's Alright Song Lyrics

Kingdom Come Soundtrack - Movie, 2001
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It's Alright Like a newborn baby, layin' in the arms of her mother and- like a cool wind blowin, in the
middle of a burning summer[mmm]. That's how I feel when I- I think of you and I look at you. All I wanna do
is be with you I wrote this song cause I wanna tell you.

I never knew love like this before. I never knew I could fall once more. So into some one like you
-sometimes dreams they do come true. Never knew life could be so sweet- finally have you here with me. No
matter how hard the road may be, if we're together, it's alright.

Like a burning fire, in the middle of cold a December and- like a touch from your hand as I look in you
eyes I will always remember. They say true love is gone but when you smile I know they're wrong. They can't
feel what I feel-so let me show you how this love is real.


I know we may fight sometimes but- I know it's gonna be alright I know we may disagree but I need you here
next to me see. No matter what we're going throught I- I'm gonna be there for you cause, you are my every
thing, help me sing now, help me sing... Yeah yeah yeah...[break down]


[Thanks to LADYANGEL7601@aol.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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