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Lady Lyric

6 Feet f/ Storm Lyrics
Gang Related Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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Lady West Coast to the East Coast to the North and to the South [4X]

[Verse 1: 6 Feet]

I can see by the look in your eyes
you were caught by surprise, when you finally saw me
See the men on TV, are not the size of me
Little tiny things, get rid of things
Saying that you want me to reign
Who would take you by the hand and teach you all that he can?
(That's right) So let's stop talkin bad shhhh
Let's get it on, lady, wooooo


West Coast ladies come play with me
Will the East Coast ladies come ride with me
Will the Southern girls come lay with me
Stop teasin me, run deep with me
West Coast ladies come play with me
Will the East Coast ladies come ride with me
Will the Northern girls come lay with me
Stop teasin me, run deep with me

[Verse 2: 6 Feet]

Ladies! I'm lookin for a partner (someone)
So we can chill and have some fun
Feel my love swell, I tell ya, girl
I put ya body in a spell, oh yeahehyeah
You know you can't deny my love
Comin straight from above, like the one you can love
So let's stop the talkin, baby (Come on)
and let's get it on, lady, OHHHH!


[Bridge: 6 Feet]

You bring the joy to my heart, every night and day
I can't hold back, my feelings, no longer, baby
No time to play with your heart, no time to fool ya, baby
Yes, I must admit, girl, my love's too big

[Verse 3: Storm]

Then you can ride with me, side-to-side
Up and down, give this thug a try
You and I in the moonlight, kill the lights
Get'cha all night, I ain't shy, keep ya satisfied
Make you scream like a night dream when it's right
Make you cream, run up in you, numb your mind
Keep you high like 6 Feet, there and me
with a 9 and a big wig on his knees
That's the way a thug keeps school, to clean you
like a nigga wit his tight top and baggy jeans
Your late-night fantasies, ?? help, boy, couldn't be
No deep, and feel the way your body moves and grooves
That lace play wit *?moans and canoes?*
Cut your back cos you're all that
Thug Baby with a arm full of girl tatts, now push that


Can you feel it, baby?
I wanna make love, ladies

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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