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Hollywood Bank Robbery Lyrics

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Hollywood Bank Robbery Lyric

The Gang f/ Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kurupt Lyrics
Gang Related Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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Hollywood Bank Robbery [Intro: Daz & (Tray Deee) talking]

Let's get paid Tray Deee
(sh*t what else we gon' do?)
Hit this sh*t!
(f**k it, we're gonna go thru wit it)
That's what I'm sayin!
(We're layin everybody in this motherf**ker, Daz
That's when we gonna go after the cheese, ya ready?)

[Verse 1: Daz Dillinger]

A nigga mash in the bank for loot
The robbery's commited and I'm prepared to shoot
blast em with the cops on pursuit
It's all about cheese, I got the nibblin like rats
Hop over da corner get them fillin up my sack
Pistol whip a couple and let them know I mean bidness
Niggas been tryin ta get in for years, I mean killin
to master a ride out, get ghost to hide out
Count my green, enforce my team
It ain't a small-time dream no mo'
What make the world go round? It's money, cars, b**ches and dough

[Chorus: Daz]

See we The Gang, we mash and blast to maintain
Weed, money, cocaine got us all insane
We The Gang, we mash to maintain
Weed, money, cocaine got us all insane

[Verse 2: Tray Deee]

Covered in armour, five seconds till we smuggle the spot
First motherf**ker reachin for the button get shot
Got the M-1-6 plus the clips to work
Six minutes to be in and get the chips and skirt
Scoot loot, one shot they holler and drop
Pop the duffle and shovel in dollars in knots
Got the whole room hostage, straight no nonsense
The object is stompin accomplished profits
And never had no mercy for the victim
Die, motherf**ker, die if that's what it take to make me richer

[Chorus: Tray Deee]

See we The Gang, we mash and blast to maintain
Weed, money, cocaine got us all insane
See we The Gang, we mash and blast to maintain
Weed, money, cocaine got us all insane
We The Gang!

[Verse 3: Daz]

G's forgetten that A is for Anybody killin in it
for them niggas, the G's we be gettin
Watch out when the 9 spit, blast irrapidly
Too late the cops at the bank and they got to me
Empty the bread out the safe, make I escape
Make a dumb move for the moves you make
KABOOM, let the drama unfold, blast, reload
$70 million out the back door, y'know
me and Tray Deee hits deep, hear the *?'plaud?* and the scherm is blood
Let's hit the store, start robbin for more
Checkin niggas, wreckin niggas right at they front door
Bangin niggas, gankin niggas for what that ain't yours
Hood operator and none too greater
with the infiltrator bustin on these gangsta haters
Stuck in the zone, havin papers, havin more zone
Finally puttin meat on my bones (At ease)

[Chorus: Daz]

See we The Gang, we mash and blast to maintain
Weed, money, cocaine got us all insane (Got us all insane)
We The Gang, we mash to maintain
Weed, money, cocaine got us all insane

[Verse 4: Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kurupt]

See we're ridin, we're stealin, we're killin, we're dealin
and stickin up you b**ch ass niggas
I say we ride Eastside, slide forever in a day
The DPG way!
Look here takin your sh*t is like taking your b**ches
Quick as I spin this is as quick as she get
Nigga I'm a ridah and that's on this
We ain't gon' dip until we get them chips
We splits the sh*t up, what I folds
Got a army full of doggs and soldiers full of loccs
Two hundred spokes witta pocket full of notes
Banktellers *?shout?* wit my hand around the throat
Reach for my Colt but on another note
I gotta shake the spot, they just called the cops, hmm
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
I point my pistols at the pig, DIE MOTHERf**kER DIE!!!

All the homeys saggin, unload the Magnum
E'rybody dashin, dippin wit the cash-in
The homeboys blastin, cop cars crashin
Got all smashin hearts of assassins
Hold up there's the cut (what?), duck
Cock back, soon as you look up, nigga dump
See the stick-up, my mind on a trip on tweak
and I'm dyin wit the homeys before they catch me
We're blastin!

[Chorus x2]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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