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Get Yo Bang on Lyrics

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Get Yo Bang on Lyric

Mack 10 f/ AllFrumThaI Lyrics
Gang Related Soundtrack - Movie, 1997
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Get Yo Bang on [Phone Ringing]
Ay nigga
Whassup homey?
This fool just came on the block and tried
Who? Who?
smash on all the homies
Nigga what happened?
Ay nigga get yo sh*t!
What happened dog?
Get yo sh*t!
Just meet me on the block
I'm on my way [click]

I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stay strapped with a sack while niggas watch my back
Well nigga get yo bang on

[Verse 1:]
Mack I hear some niggas gotta problem wit the 'Wood (Wassup?)
I see the homiez got they straps & they ready in the hood
So I'm loadin' up my weapon steppin'
callin' up the crew cause ass-whippins we ain't accepting.
And I ain't lettin' sh*t go
Niggas got to back up bowdown or get wet up with ammo (blaow)
Muthaf**kers got to pay
run up on 'em like a thief in the night cause I don't play

At night I can't sleep I'm tossin & turnin'
So I stray from the yak & smoke sherman
Gotta hobble to my leg & the hood's gettin bigger
I'm paranoid sleepin with my finger on the trigga
and now my b**ches stressin that I'm livin wrong
Cause I'm fresh out the pen & gettin my serve on [gunshots]
It's all about murda when me & Sweepthru roll
So f**k da enemies & we dumpin when we see some SO

I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stay strapped with a sack while niggas watch my back
(What you want?) Just wanna get my bang on
I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stay strapped with a sack while niggas watch my back
It's the life of a G I got to live

[Verse 2:]
Them rocks movin slow on the block
Nigga one time hot & we just lost a dope spot (damn)
Got me curb servin under pressure
I'm so paranoid at night I keep my glock on the dresser
[Mack10:] This 187 got my mind under stress
cause even clamin' Dub S (W/S) you need a bulletproof vest
You know the game nigga when ya Doggin' & Loccin'
Kill the 1st thing moving and catch the 1st thing smokin
All I wanna hear is buckshots & guts out
Niggas gaspin for they breath
that's the type o' sh*t I'm talkin about (fo sho)
[AFT!:] You niggas cruisin for a bruisin'
Hey Mack get ya ammo cock the tool that ya usin'
[Mack10:] Til they gone to the back dog
Cause when they come thru the 'Wood they betta know how to act dog
Connect gang punk, yell a hood out & (WESTSIDE) bust
& nigga f**k every click that ain't down with us (f**k em)
f**k em & feed em fish niggas get dismissed
Connect Gang bang at the top of the list
Ya know with colored bandanas & clips like bananas
Homicides when we ride til the world wanna ban us (Nigga)

Mack I don't know about you
But all I wanna do is get my bang on
Sweepthru I don't know about you but all I wanna do is get my bang on
Stayin high as a kite hangin out on my block all nite
Smokin weed til I'm high as a kite
f**kin with hoodrat b**ches 100% Mack 10 on they tittie
All I wanna do is get my bang on
Inglewood on they ankles
Ha ha haa
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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