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We Belong Together

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We Belong Together Song Lyrics

Randy Newman
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We Belong Together (from "Toy Story 3")

Don't you turn your back on me
Don't you walk away
Don't you tell me that I don't care
'Cause I do!
Don't you tell me I'm not the one
Don't you tell me I ain't no fun
Just tell me you love me like I love you
You know you do

When we're together
Gray skies clear up
And I cheer up
To where I'm less depressed

And sincerely
From the bottom of my heart
I just can't take it
When we're apart

We belong together
We belong together
Yes we do
You'll be mine forever

We belong together
We belong together
(You) know it's true
(It's) gonna stay this way forever
Me and you

If I could really talk to you
If I could find a way
I'm not shy
There's a whole lot I wanna to say
(Of course there is)

Talk about friendship and loyalty
Talk about how much you mean to me
And I'd promise to always be by your side
Whenever you need me

The day I met you
Was the luckiest day of my life
And I'll bet you feel the same
(Least I hope you do)

So don't forget me
If the future should take you away
('Cause) you'll always be
Part of me

We belong together
We belong together
Wait and see
(It's) gonna be this way forever

We belong together
We belong together
We'll go on this way forever
You and me

You and me
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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