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Into The Open Air

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Into The Open Air Song Lyrics

Julie Fowlis
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Into The Open Air (from "Brave")

This love, it is a distant star
Guiding us home wherever we are
This love, it is a burning sun
Shining light on the things that we've done

I try to speak to you everyday
But each word we spoke, the wind blew away

Could these walls come crumbling down?
I want to feel my feet on the ground
And leave behind this prison we share
Step into the open air

How did we let it come to this?
What we just tasted we somehow still miss

How will it feel when this day is done
And can we keep what we've only begun?

And now these walls come crumbling down
And I can feel my feet on the ground
Can we carry this love that we share
Into the open air?
Into the open air?
Into the open air?

This love, it is a burning sun
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