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November, 22nd 2015
Leahi is in Hawaiian style. Interesting playful voice, repeating some sounds every several seconds when basic theme sung, reminiscent of the hooting of owls at night. However, the owl not sings under merry guitar, and here it is the main accompanying instrument. It is performed by Gabby Pahinui and is of 3:53 in length.

Leahi Lyrics


Leahi Song Lyrics

Le`ahi, `uhe`uhene
Kaimana Hila, `uhe`uhene
Hoku kau `ale kai a`o Mamala
`Uhe`uhene (2X)
{There is Leahi
Diamond Head
Rising star of Mamala}
Malama pono `oe, uheuhene
I ka poe pele, `uhe`uhene
`O ili kaua la ilaila
`Uhe`uhene (2X)
{Watch out
For the bell buoy
Coming to view by the reef}
`O ka po`e kaulana, `uhe`uhene
Kau i ka nuku, `uhe`uhene
Nana a`o ho`owale nei i ka moana
`Uhe`uhene (2X)
The festive crowd
Stands at the harbor mouth
Just looking at the ocean
Ha'ina `ia, `uhe`uhene
Mai ka puana, `uhe`uhene
O ka poe kaulana kau i ka nuku
`Uhe`uhene (2X)
Told is
The story
The festive crowd at the mouth of the harbor
[Thanks to Ciby Devasy for lyrics]

Descendants, The Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2011
Leahi Lyrics by Gabby Pahinui from Descendants, The Soundtrack (2011). Rating: 4.2/5 (22 votes)