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Think of Me

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Think of Me Song Lyrics

The Drowners
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Think of Me I felt like I just had to cry a bit today
and every day is darker than the one before
I think I've earned the right to stay in bed all day
doing nothing, waiting for the phone to ring

hey, is it really that hard for you
to think of me?
hey, is it really that hard for you
to think of me?

I got up to say hello, but you weren't there
a stranger's voice said sorry that I bothered you
where are you tonight, I know I shouldn't care
wasting precious time, waiting for the phone to ring
expectation, isolation, indignation driving me

a dialogue with your machine
seven messages to help you get my point

think of me - why don't you?
stay with me - why can't you?
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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