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Happiness Lyrics

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Happiness Lyric

Regurgitator Lyrics
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Happiness uh...yeah [x4]

i love pointless effluent
it seems to love me
it's sticking to my heart like polythane glue
making everything seem so sweet

big wide world of bitterness baby
poisoning up this tongue
give her this life it's sweet respite
let's rip that packet of fun

rotting my brain once again
it's always the same it never ends [x2]

love me lovely cathode-ray
mother me in your glow
i'll do anything you say
if you tell me i'll never be alone

touch me shiny magazine
touch me way down there
i can't help imagining
that you really care

rotting my brain once again
it's always the same it never ends [x4]

drug me f**k me dull the pain
i don't ever want to know
knock me down and i'll get up again
you know that i'll do what i'm told

i've got a spec of truth caught in my eye
stings like hell and it's making me cry
getting up would only leave me wondering why
everything's turning grey
and now i'm...

rotting my brain once again
it's always the same and it never ends [x4]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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